Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Birthday dear

It's time to wish the loveliest person in the world a big happy birthday... Was driving to SSN office and missed an exact 12 o clock wish BTW it's 2 pm in USA and still 13 thy of February actually... Hope you are enjoying the life there.

Missing you,

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Life in NJ Begins

Hey Folks,

SO the final D-day came and i have moved to New Jersey for long term work , atleast for 3 more years.

It all began with kicking out some under-performer in the project, thanks to the decision made by  our comcast clients :P and i had to move on with 20 days. The things started after jan 10,2015 and started buying out stuffs and clearing things in india. had to sell the car ,give away bikes and so on.. when looking for accomodation, vishnu came in and he offered the help for accompanying his wife.

The day came  i.e 30-Jan-2015 and had a lunch with madhu in perungudi hsb at noon and gave attendance in the office and left by 4 o clock and went home. Parents and sweet sissy came to the room at 7 o  clock. had some good lunch at medavakkam sangeehta(again my fav place for reakfast). left the house 11 and reached the airport by 11.30 and had good time with mates like ravi, sowji,ala,vishnu,manju.

Yeah. it was hard to leave india and move in such short notice but no other go and i have to catch up with the rest of the world so fast when my mom,dad and sis cried i too had wanna cry but the decision to never cry in this lifetime came into mind and controlled everything...Got introduced to vishnu's wife Mrs. gayathri and we had good time in plane:) it was her first time in plane and prayed to god when plane was in chennai runway and what a moment it was.. was laughing from inside but no reaction in the face ...the other lady was a swedish lady trying to speak in english with us...crap forgot this thing...helped her to take up belts in the plane and some tamil movie came into mind..

started from chennai by 0330 in the morning and reached dubai by 0645 and waited in the terminal for another two what an airport man it was much better than frankfurt or into emirates again and left to boston which is a 14 hour flight and was so damn long with all new kind of foods (strictly veg) and crappy coffees too. got out at boston with tee and a jean with sandals... damn it was -8 outside and was freezing in the connector itself.

Got into immigration and it was very smooth since just a small qn like are you with so and so company and where in NJ.? is it coastal or northern one and came out with the breeze but the fucking luggage needs to be checked out and checked in again..damn it was hard along with her baggage.

Thanks to the shoes from my friends i survived the blazing cold of boston and got into a cab to the room...vishnu paid 70 bucks and reached the rooom and slept like anything for that day...

will continue tomorrow as its already 2330 here in boston :P