Saturday, October 19, 2013

A week that finally made me to think of my mom and not her

Oh My dear lord...Please give ur punishments and pain to me and i am ready to bear anything for the sin that i have comitted either knowingly or unknowingly. Please dont give the pain to my mom ,she already suffering a lot because of her son and now you let a dog to bite her(that dog's fate is over within hours :P ).
After hearing this and my mom's crying i dint get swapnam about the girl i loved so deeply and always thinking about my mom's wellness.Also i started praying to god about my mom's health not abt her for a week. hope it will change soon too.

This too, shall pass -> A sentence that keeps me alive till this day and finally nowhere i can see green colour, a colour that i never want to see(predominantly seen in psychiatric rehabilitation center)

God Please give me salvation and let everyone around me be happy :)

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