Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saw Annabishegam @ Annamalaiyar Temple

Came home by 3.30 in the evening and was disussing with mom about my past and how i am suppose to reshape my future and she was telling me about all the family issues with me ,suddenly some spirits called me to temple and i went was a very big line i waited in the line and saw annabishegam ,which i never expected to see in this lifetime..
Thank you lord for this darshan and for the first time after she left, i went into temple happily and did not ask god to give back her into my life,since she is not ready to accept me anymore into her life.

Nothing God has written cant be changed but efforts like meditation can be done to understand the things happened by merging our soul into the God.

- My Mommy's Santhosh.

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