Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Continuation of 14 Oct post

First let me tell you why I was crying on that day..
One of my friend introduced a writer called varalotti in Facebook and eventually I liked his posts too.
That morning I was reading a post named "curd rice and pickles", a really wonderful story that explains what life is and how life should be balanced between money and personal life.too much of money and less personal life or less money more personal life gives pain only .when you learn to balance the money and personal life then you can really enjoy the life. And I was not crying for this story what made me cry is the comment that I red. The writer replied back to her saying thanks but I was nt able to see her comment so I signed out and opened the page with no login and I was able to see her photo in bangle shop though I am nt able to open her page bcos she blocked me(though I gave her what she wants till this day and left my flying dreams in air just because only she doesn't like it). After that I discussed this with my mom and of course lots of crying too., she told me that god wants you to get a very good wife who suits your character and understand you very well, that's why she left you and don't be sad because she left you,it all happened for good sake only.so now I know that she is happy at least even though I visit psychiatric rehabilitation center (will write a post soon on how that rehabilitation center looks for those who never visited that place)often to control my madness that might lead to suicide. My parents are really worried that I am visiting that place and taking tablets to control my madness. Should stop all of these real soon and become a normal person and go back to the life which I was enjoying before she entered into my life.
P.s I woke at 3 in the morning because of the dreams involving her and typing it on my ipad. Guess need to visit the center today :p

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