Sunday, October 13, 2013

Once again a day with lots of crying

Oh my dear lord..finally you also not allowing me to come to your place...
Something is obstructing me from going to annamalaiyar temple and I don't know what is that!!!!
Came to home for vijayadhasami pooja and took off from office. I don't know why I feel so sad in thiruvannamalai nowadays compared to my work life I believe this place reminds me of old memories ...
Appu...I understood that what you said in early 2011 was absolutely right and I am repenting for that now.atleast you are married and living happily in Los Angeles. But one thing I dint like from you is that letter you wrote ..cha I dint even read that and dropped in her house believing your mom told today also don't believe everything that is white as milk. My mom,dad cried bcos of me..first time in my entire life my dad cryd all bcos of me repenting for a girl I loved so sincerely and unable to forget her and taking treatment in psychiatric rehabilitation center now..come once and see me appu.
Missing u appu


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